(2022) Former inn “Mohren” in Reiden (CH)

Little is known of Hermann’s love life; he dies as an unmarried man leaving his entire estate to his parents. Nothing is known about a woman in his adult life. But what dominates in his written legacy is Hermann’s meeting as a seventeen-year-old with the young Swiss girl Thrineli during his trip to Milan in 1853. During his stay at the inn “Mohren” in the Swiss village of Reiden, a shooter’s party takes place during which Hermann is cordially invited by the innkeeper.                                                                       

After the meal there is an opportunity to dance and then he meets Thrineli. After Hermann and Thrineli spend most of the night in each other’s presence at the party, the sad moment comes when Hermann emotionally bids her farewell. All this is expressed by Hermann himself in two poems that he published in August 1854 in his booklet “Eine Reise durch die Schweiz nach Mailand”. The poems “The Swiss shooting festival” and “Longing for Thrineli paint a melancholy picture of Hermann’s longing for his childhood sweetheart Thrineli.