The Swiss shooting festival

  1. Now the last ray of sunshine is gone
    from the high mountain edge,
    Then I rode into a village
    In beautiful Switzerland.

  2. And in front of the village on the Au
    There stood tent after tent,
    From some valiant shooters shot
    in the valley it growls again.

  3. A merry bustle all around,
    Young and old rejoiced
    And since I also like to be happy,
    So I happily stopped.

  4. God greet you, I called out to them,
    You’re going merrily;
    Is probably still for a stranger
    A little empty place?

  5. Welcome! it sounds from every mouth;
    The shooting is over
    But you come, sir, just in time,
    To our shooting feast.

  6. And with music and with singing
    We went into the village now,
    And the whole crowd returns happily
    at the Mohren.

  7. In there in the great Sal,
    The table is set.
    Oh, as with cheerful people
    The mal tastes so delicious!

  8. It circled all around
    a silver bowl,
    He was the best shooter award
    In the whole Wiggerthal.

  9. Everyone drank with a spell
    From the noble juice of the vine,
    I emptied it and brought one up
    The Confederation.

  10. Listen! over there from the other Sal
    The dance rings out;
    The sound of the rural shawm
    Hit my ear happily.

  11. Who is standing there in the velvet bodice
    And dark coloured dress?
    O follow all cheerful dance me,
    You lovely Schwizermaid.

  12. Where the bodice closes close to the skirt.
    wrapped my arm around her,
    How is her heart beating, it is flowing in me
    The blood so swift and warm!

  13. And up and down we turn
    to the beat of the music,
    And she looks me in the eyes
    With a soulful look.

  14. What’s your name, my beautiful child?
    They call me Thrineli;
    But with all due respect, she said,
    sir, what’s your name?

  15. What do you care about my name?
    My paternal house
    It’s many miles away
    Out in a foreign country.

  16. We talked like that for a long time
    very intimately hand in hand;
    Oh, may I be with you forever
    In beautiful Switzerland.

  17. But listen! there calls with a clear tone
    In the yard the envious rooster,
    It’s already turning red in the east there,
    The morning is breaking.

  18. Farewell, my child, remember me.
    I hold you dear and worthy;
    Farewell! already scratching with impatience
    In the courtyard outside my horse.

  19. So I sat up; She waves after me;
    The sun was already high;
    I wipe the tears from my eyes
    and rode away sad.


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