Longing for Thrineli

  1. I sit here lonely and sad
    in the quiet little room,
    It reaches the cold walls
    Scarcely did the dim lamp shine;
    Everything rests, only from me one
    Has sleep turned away;
    Because my heart is abroad
    In free Switzerland.

  2. Where sky-high mountains
    which the eternal snow covers,
    encircle a deep valley,
    Is a little village well hidden.
    Oh! there are only a few huts,
    I know one well
    I could live in her forever
    In free Switzerland!

  3. It is indeed covered with straw,
    The walls are only made of wood
    Through the blind window panes
    you can hardly see the meadow corridor.
    But inside is the hut
    More than gold and diamond;
    Thrinli is what I loved
    In free Switzerland.

  4. Ah, well she’s in your arms now
    sweet slumber, gladly rocked,
    Many a dream picture you probably smiling
    The ghost flies by.
    She dreams of that evening too
    who vanished from us only too quickly,
    Where we fosten, joking intimately
    In free Switzerland?

  5. Ah, gone are the hours
    they never come back
    If only I could have a look
    your eye’s gentle gaze.
    Lead her to a dance
    once on the delicate little hand,
    Could I see Thrinli again
    In free Switzerland.


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