18. Como – Milan – farewell between travel companions

The next morning, I handed over the two horses to the lieutenant. My cousin’s servant, who had been waiting for us in Como for a few days, set out that morning and safely brought the horses to Lodi.

So Henninger had completed his mission. He was very pleased, and although I invited him to accompany me to Milan, only six hours away, he was so drawn to his dear home that he wished to leave as soon as possible. But we did a walk through the city of Como together. It counts 20,000 inhabitants and its central part is quite strong to fortified. A cathedral with a magnificent dome that is well worth seeing rises above the walls and fortress towers. Not far from it is the theatre building and the statue of the famous physicist Volta. Through the nearby gate one arrives at the lake, which washes the foot of high heights adorned with villas, and on its bluish ridge patiently carries the steamer Adda up and down.

The hour drew near when I was to part with my companion, when I was to reach my long-desired destination, glorious Milan. Saying goodbye to Henninger wasn’t as easy as I thought. Because although I had previously believed that I had enough courage to wander the world alone, I was still a little melancholy when I walked so lonely on the road to Camerlata in the blazing midday heat and, when I got there, many people but saw noisy strange faces. From Camerlata the railway goes to Milan. Stopped at several stations. The most important of these is Monza, located roughly halfway along the entire route. I visited this city on my return trip. The most worth seeing is its cathedral, its old amphitheatre and the railway tunnel that runs under the whole city. Passports were requested near Milan. I got a small note, in exchange for which I was able to get the passport back at the police station in Milan.